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The New Atlantis

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Person Ages 8+ | Weekday
Person Ages 8+ | Weekend

Escape the Flood!

What was only a fantasy has finally become a reality. The world’s first underwater world has been created and in honor of the utopia that it is, it’s been crowned The New Atlantis!

The vetting process for approval to call this paradise home has taken immense scrutiny and review. But, with great excitement, you’ve been chosen and have started the orientation process with the Architect, the mastermind behind The New Atlantis. While waiting in his private study, something has gone horribly wrong. Suddenly, the entire station has gone into lockdown. The New Atlantis has begun to flood.

The emergency evacuation protocols are not functioning. Communications are not responding. The doors are locked. What was a dream is now a nightmare. Figure out how to escape before The New Atlantis becomes another legend of disaster.