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The Psych Ward 2.0

Quick Details

Mon - Thurs
Per Person Ages 8+
Fri - Sun
Per Person Ages 8+

Locate the toxin before it spreads through the city!

We need an outside perspective on Patient #37, Dr. Geofrey Gunter. Two years ago he suffered severe head trauma in an accident that took his brother’s life. After his recovery, Dr. Gunter left his job as a biochemical scientist and – oddly enough – admitted himself here. During therapy, he dropped casual threats about some “poisonous substance”. He rambles about unleashing it on the city, but he’s disappeared again!

He always sneaks out somehow… Until dinnertime, which gives you… about an hour. We are actually concerned he’s found a way to poison the city. But where could he have hidden the “toxin”? How does he really plan to release it? This is your chance to search his room and find the answers. Be warned, he gets incredibly hostile if anyone enters his room. You must find the toxin before he returns or his insanity will drive him to poison the entire city!

Note from the team: This room may have a familiar name, but has undergone renovations and has a whole new look and story! If you have attempted to escape the Psych Ward in the past, come back and try again in the newly designed and updated Psych Ward!

Escape Details

  • Classic escape room experience and one of our most frequently escaped rooms.

  • Best with at least 4 people, but still viable with less than 4 if you are up for the challenge.

  • Actually made a grown man cry (Dr. Gunter, that is).